MiniARTextile & Mimosas

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, one filled with art, good friends, and lots of laughter. In the morning (well, around 12:30pm) I decided to check out an exhibition of contemporary textile art in Montrouge, a town just south of Paris. A few of my good friends at UNESCO and I are hoping start a website (coming soon!) showcasing cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions featuring female artists in Paris, and when I saw the program for “MiniARTextile” – and all the female artists who would be represented – I knew I wanted to check it out.


La Débâcle by Andrée-Anne Depuis Bourret

Some of the “minitextiles”

With a theme of “invitation à table”, the exhibition featured 54 works of “mini” textile art and 12 large-scale installations. As one of only three or four visitors there, I got lots of personalized attention from the very friendly staff, and I even got to meet one of the artists, Monika Teal, who happened to be an American! She gave me an enthusiastic overview of her life and work; it took her over a year to construct and bead (“until my eyes went cross”) her dramatic Crow installation. Afterwards she let me take a picture with her, and when I went in for a goodbye handshake she gave me a hug instead, telling me how much she misses them in Switzerland where she lives. I know exactly how she feels; part of the price you pay when you live in France is a distinct lack of hugging (there have been times when I’ve gone weeks without hugging another human being!) Thus if great art has the power to bring people together, I would say that this particular exhibition was a distinct success.

Monika and I with her Crow installation!

The rest of my day was spent indulging in Sunday brunch (i.e. mimosas) just north of Trocadéro (where I inevitably snapped a photo of the Eiffel Tower), followed by expertly prepared Ghanaian cuisine and lots and lots of laughter with my beautiful friends. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The Eiffel Tower, looking smart as always

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