On Saturday I spent the day lost in time somewhere between the Cretaceous Period and 1898, when the Galerie de paléontologie et d’anatomie comparée at the Jardin des Plantes was first inaugurated. Apart from the gift shop, this museum showcasing the remains of living things both ancient and modern seems to have changed little over the past one hundred years. Faded paper labels still adorn jars of preserved brains, hearts, stomachs (as well as some conjoined pigs and one-eyed cats!) and dusty glass boxes still showcase a haphazard assortment of bones and teeth. It is a museum that probably reveals just as much about Victorian conceptions of science as it does about the animals whose skeletons are on display. Both were equally cool!

The Gallery of Comparative Anatomy
Those crocodiles still look hungry…

The second floor contained a great collection of dinosaur and prehistoric mammal bones, which were swarmed by dozens of adorable French children (and slightly-older dinosaur enthusiasts!)

The Gallery of Paleontology
This one seems extra bummed out about the whole “extinction” thing…
The view from above the gallery

After spending a good chunk of the afternoon exploring the museum, we next attempted to get some mint tea and pastries from the nearby Grande Mosquée de Paris. Unfortunately it was so crowded that we couldn’t get through the door, but at least I got a few pictures.



Since mint tea wasn’t an option, we made the logical choice to get some gelato from Amorino, then some beer at Teddy’s Bar, and finally some delicious pho for dinner!

Pho and wine to be exact

It was such a fun day, I guess it’s hard to go wrong with dinosaurs and good food!

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