Easter at Notre Dame

Overall I didn’t do much on Sunday (on Saturday I was a bit more productive), but I did catch an Easter mass a Notre Dame. This turned out to be a bit of an undertaking, since apparently I was not the only person in Paris who thought this might be a nice way to mark Easter! The line to get inside was absolutely massive! Plus, I have never seen such rampant line-cutting in my life, it was a little ridiculous (I was on the verge of telling off one couple in particular, but the guy in front of me just had to be all nice and say, “It’s ok, it’s Easter.” Yes, it is Easter! Which means we should all be decent people and not cut the line! But whatever, I guess that guy saved me acting like a jerk. :P)

30 more minutes to go…

Anyway, once I got inside the service was quite beautiful (I followed my Mom’s advice and looked up how a Catholic mass works on Wikipedia beforehand). I watched most of it from the back, but they had several screens so people could see what was happening, which I thought was a nice touch.


Once it was communion time I decided to walk around the cathedral, light a candle, and take some more pictures. I always feel like I am in someplace special when I visit Notre Dame, and on Easter even more so (many people were crying, which I do not think I have seen anywhere else in France). I feel really lucky to be in this city; there are not many places in the world where you can experience these kind of moments on a regular basis.




Some very eerie restoration work..
Final moments of the service


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