Becoming a cactus mother

One of the many things I love about Paris is that its sheer beauty makes ordinary activities like running errands feel special – and today was no exception! I started this beautiful August day with a trip to the post office by Sciences Po (Mom, I finally mailed you your package!) and walked from there to the Marché aux Fleurs on the Île de la Cité. My friend Lindsay from work strongly encouraged me to go here after walking into my office and exclaiming, “You guys really need some plants!” Since she was the second person to comment on how sad my office looked, I’m guessing that I really do need to liven it up a bit haha! I knew I wanted a cactus (largely thanks to a mistaken belief that cacti never need watering) and I spent a good half-hour poking around the various shops looking for the perfect one.


Two euro succulents, not bad!




Next time I’m coming back for a few of these little guys!

I was so happy once I finally decided on my cactus, paid for it, and had it safely wrapped up in my tote bag – I never knew a plant could bring so much joy!

All of these joyful, plant-related emotions are probably rooted in the fact that Paris is unusually empty this weekend; not only is it August, when most French people take their vacations, but it’s also a three-day weekend, so nearly everyone I know has left the city to go traveling. I of course had no idea that we had Monday off until a few days ago, and since I haven’t made any plans to go anywhere it might just be me and my new cactus friend for the next few days. 😛


My next stop was the Marais to buy a clear picture frame from Muji, so I can decorate my office with the photo of a giraffe that my friend Qiaobo gave me for my birthday (which he took himself!) I absolutely love walking around this neighborhood – I was here Thursday night with Jennie and Johanna! – it’s just full of so many quaint nooks and crannies!

I was drawn into this super hipster shop by the sight of more cacti, but I’m so glad I got mine for 7 euros and not 24.90!



My favorite two words: boulangerie & patisserie


I didn’t know hipsters had tiny feet? And why no hamsters?



Since I was already close-by, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to walk to Rue Crémieux near Gare de Lyon, which I first learned about through my friend Miriam. On the way there I walked by the Port de l’Arsenal, which I’ve always thought would be an awesome place to live (people really do live on the boats!)



Miriam told me that Rue Crémieux was like a little slice of Portugal in Paris, and she was right! (Well, I think, I’ve never actually been to Portugal…) The little pastel houses were adorable and definitely not particularly Parisian. I’m surprised it took me so long to hear about this place, but clearly the word is out now; I think I accidentally photo-bombed a few photo shoots that were happening in the middle of the street, but oh well!







I took the metro home from Gare de Lyon, which is really very pretty! I guess when you’re not rushing to catch a train you can stop and notice these kinds of details:




And now that I’m home, I can finally reveal my awesome cactus to you all! Ta-dah! Name suggestions are very much appreciated (I have a feeling it’s a boy cactus, but we should give it a gender-neutral name just in case. :P)

Home with my super cool cactus!





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