Secret beaches and sardines

On Sunday we finally got some traditional Bretagne weather, meaning it was a bit cloudy and rainy. But that didn’t stop us from having yet another awesome day! After breakfast, we read for a bit and played a short card game while Rodolphe, Valerie and Bertrand were interviewed by a local journalist about the concert. The journalist asked me to send her a few of my photos from that night, so who knows, maybe they’re in a local newspaper somewhere right now! For lunch we decided to do an indoor picnic of salad, pig’s tongue sausage (which was very tasty!), bread, cheese, chocolate and biscuits.

And then we were off for a mini hike through the “secret” beaches of Bretagne! I say secret mainly because Valentin wouldn’t tell me where we were or any of their names, as he was worried my enormously popular blog would attract hordes of tourists and turn the area into “another California”. ๐Ÿ˜› But the beach we chose also seemed secret because simply reaching it was difficult, requiring that we gingerly climb down a narrow trail that seemed almost vertical in many places. (Valentin’s grandmother was much more adept at hiking than I was, by the way!)

dsc09594_28736311194_o - Copy

dsc09597_29326139446_o - Copy
Starting our descent to the beach

Once we finally made our way down we had this beautiful beach all to ourselves! Although Valentin, Kwame and I decided not to swim, Rodolphe, Valerie, and Bertrand dove right in…naked! I have to admit I was a little surprised, but then I remembered that France wouldn’t be France without a little casual nudity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

dsc09607_29359628825_o - Copy

dsc09605_28736296424_o - Copy
Keeping my clothes on like the prudish American I am

dsc09610_28736288734_o - Copy

dsc09612_28738444993_o - Copy

dsc09615_29072169770_o - Copy

After some time at the beach we continued on our hike along the edge of the Atlantic. With the wind and the mist, I really felt like we were hiking the coast of Ireland (or some other Celtic place like that) and I absolutely loved it!

dsc09625_29280887721_o - Copy

dsc09627_29072151990_o - Copy
The water was such a beautiful shade of blue!

dsc09630_29280879011_o - Copy

dsc09631_29072146650_o - Copy
Since I was wearing shorts Valentin asked if I wanted him to carry me through the spiky ferns. But my feminist values wouldn’t allow it and I probably still have the scratches to show for it… ๐Ÿ˜‰

dsc09639_28738419753_o - Copy

dsc09649_28736216244_o - Copy

For this shot I told Valentin to look dramatically off into the distance ๐Ÿ˜€

dsc09650_28736213214_o - Copy

dsc09655_29359575135_o - Copy

dsc09656_28738403103_o - Copy

dsc09658_28738397873_o - Copy
On our way back to the car I asked Valentin if this was the name of the beach and he was like, “Nice try.” It actually means “coastal path”…

After our hike I had a few more hours to go before my train back to Paris, so we all drove to the fishing town ofย Douarnenez, which is famous for its sardines. While the others went to grab a drink, the three of us spent some time looking at the cool old fishing boats in the marina and walking along the boardwalk.



Kwame modeling the latest in raincoat fashion ๐Ÿ™‚



Once again, it would have been smart to pack some pants and a umbrella…


As we got closer to the town we ran into some historic sardine canning factories and I ended up buying some sardines as a souvenir for my Dad. Normally I not a huge fish person, but I was even tempted to buy some for myself (maybe my Dad will share with me!)





The bar where we were meeting Valentin’s family sat directly in front of the harbor and the view was lovely! It was so nice to rest our legs and enjoy a beer together, I really had no desire to go back to Paris (I never thought I’d say that!)




I love any bar that features a giraffe!


Needless to say, after a weekend of sleeping in a yurt, ushering a rock concert, swimming in the freezing cold ocean, eating roast pig, eating crepes, and FLYING, I was very sorry to say goodbye to Bretagne. It was an absolutely perfect trip and I am so thankful to Valentin for inviting me and to Valerie and Bertrand for being such welcoming, caring hosts! And Kwame for taking pictures of me! ๐Ÿ˜›

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